TSPA organized lots of fun activities for the Chinese New Year celebrations on 1st February, 2019…

Origami Fun at CNY 2019
Amazing Calligraphy Skills at CNY 2019
Always with the interests of our children at heart, TSPA has made notable contributions and improvements to school life since we’ve been established.


  • Some very dedicated parents organized the Chinese New Year Celebrations for 1st February 2019….
    • Handing out lucky “Red Packets” and fresh oranges to every student
      • Running the Activity Stations, including Origami and Calligraphy
        • And providing tables laden with delicious foods, drinks and treats !
  • Organized the successful 2nd Spring Fair, an event open to public.
  • Organized the inaugural Spring Fair, an event open to public.
2015/ 2016
  • Sponsored water bottles and ice boxes to PE department. Students can use these
    water bottles and ice boxes when they go out for sports competition.
  • Successfully organized the first Summer Fair, an event open to public.
  • Constitution and Operation Manual written and put in place.
2014/ 2015
  • Worked with the school to provide movable sheltered walkways at the pick-up
    points, benches for children and planting of trees. These suggestions were accepted by the school and implemented in 2014/2015.
  • Sponsored musical instruments for the primary school.
  • Set up communications working groups for each class and their class representative.
  • Set up the TSPA website.
  • Lego Robotics offered as part of CCA
  • Successfully campaigned for online payment of school fees
  • Aligned CCA sign up timing for secondary and primary schools
  • Ensured Canteen Audit Checklist available
  • Expedited the setting up of the Primary Children’s playground