Role of Excom Members

Role of Chair Person

  1. Initiate Excom monthly meeting.
  2. Lead TSPA Excom and monthly meeting.
  3. Communicate to TSPA members and parents regarding TSPA events and matters.
  4. Manage projects and facilitate requests put forward to TSPA.
  5. Seek approval from school management on any necessary matters.
  6. Represent TSPA to participate in school events where necessary.


Role of Secretary

  1. Prepare TSPA monthly meeting minutes.
  2. Inform TSPA members on monthly meeting and send agenda.
  3. Track members meeting attendance.
  4. Maintain TSPA members list.
  5. Administrative support for TSPA Excom.
  6. Acts as alternate to the Chair when necessary.


Role of Treasurer

  1. Keep track of TSPA expenses and revenues.
  2. Maintain monthly financial records.
  3. Advise TSPA Excom Members on financial matters.
  4. Acts as second alternate to the Chair if Secretary is not available.