TSPA Acceptable Usage Policy

The TSPA Excom voted unanimously to adopt an Acceptable Usage Policy, effective from 28th May, 2020:

In the interests of objectivity, the following restrictions apply to the use of all of TSPA’s media channels, including WhatsApp, IM, social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, email, and written forms of communication:

  1. All discussions should be conducted in a courteous and respectful tone.
  2. The promotion of unsubstantiated rumours, scaremongering, or incitement of disorder is prohibited.
  3. Discussion of matters or opinions relating to individual students, parents, or staff is prohibited. All such issues should be taken directly to the Tenby senior leadership team for consideration.
  4. The promotion of commercial goods or services is prohibited.

In the event of repeated violations of this Acceptable Usage Policy, individual members may be muted or removed from TSPA’s media channels, at the discretion of the TSPA Excom.